Medical Systems International is dedicated to the idea of bringing medical innovations to the marketplace. Our flagship product is the SoloPap Test Kit which allows women to conduct a PAP smear in complete privacy.

Medical Systems International Pty Ltd bring to market a proven, reliable, low-cost, easy to use, self-administered Pap test kit that is protected by Australia and US Patent.

Women who previously avoided an annual Pap examination may discover that the SoloPap™kit is a potential lifesaver. Any woman can use the kit as a cervical tissue collection device at home by following the simple instructions and returning the sample to her health provider for analysis; there are no special skills or medical knowledge required to use this product. The SoloPap™ kit gives every woman control over performing her individual PAP screening.

The need for regular Pap test screening for adult women cannot be stressed strongly enough. SoloPap™ can be an important tool in saving lives and families with early detection. 

Medical Systems International Pty Ltd is both the distributor and Manufacturer of the product. A date is still to be determined on the release of SoloPap™™ for sale on the internet and in Pharmacies in Australia.