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Solopap is approved for over the counter sales in Australia. We are currently waiting on FDA approval in the US. I recently received an email from a Nurse Practitioner in the US looking at purchasing Solopap for one of her patients. She is a certified family nurse practitioner in Flagstaff, AZ. In her response she stated she was disappointed she could not currently order the kit in the US as she had additional patients wanting to use Solopap as well. Solopap will play a crucial role in the early detection of cervical disease by filling the gap of women who are not screened due to personal reasons for not visiting her Medical Practitioner for a traditional pap smear, thus saving lives. According to the World Health Organization, 275,000 women a year die needlessly from cervical disease.

Wayne Lindsay is the founder of Medical Systems International Pty Ltd. Wayne knows how a death from cancer affects a family unit. His father passed away when he was eight years old. Wayne's daughter, Skye was diagnosed with cancer at the age of nineteen. Wayne has ten women in his direct family. Wayne has worked and lived in New Zealand (6 years), Australia (12 years), PNG (6 years) and United States of America (12 years). Wayne is qualified with Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix and National Diploma in Engineering and Survey from Auckland New Zealand. I have three children and six grandchildren. My interests include squash, rugby, tennis, the great outdoors, and contuining education.