Early detection is the solution

Early detection remains one of the most essential tools to a woman’s health.  Yet hundreds of women in Australia die unnecessarily each year because of lack of a simple Pap smear test.

The foremost benefit of SoloPap™ is the potentially lifesaving Pap screening the kit brings to women who may not have access to a physician or who may choose not to see a physician for their examination. The kit allows a woman to overcome barriers such as embarrassment, pain, and discomfort associated with conventional Pap tests performed at a doctor’s office or medical clinic. The kit provides a comfortable and secure means for Pap screening and gives a woman control over the process and use of the instrument. In essence, the kit empowers women in their personal Pap screening process.

The need for regular Pap test screening for adult women cannot be stressed strongly enough. SoloPap™ can be an important tool in saving lives and families with early detection. The cervival cell collection system sample allows pathology testing of any and all virus.

The Solo Pap™ kit is a self-administered cervical cell collection system to be used by women in the privacy of their home. The SoloPap Test Kit allows women to conduct a PAP smear in complete privacy. The other option is the women can perform this test herself in the doctor’s office under supervision. We strongly recommend that the women also requests a HPVDNA test from her paptest sample.

Medical Systems International Pty Ltd is both the distributor and Manufacturer of the product. A date is still to be determined on the release of SoloPap™ for sale on the internet and in Pharmacies in Australia.

SoloPap Instructions